An all-female company

We introduce ourselves!

Elena, the holistic mind and Marketing. Driven by her passion for the cosmetic "world", she has been involved for over 30 years in research, development and marketing of cosmetics, with particular attention to sustainable production processes. Her main inspiration comes from the "clean beauty", a concept that led her to propose in BeQuantic an innovative and eco-sustainable vision on everything that is part of the supply chain.
Roberta, the scientific mind. Doctor of medicine and surgery, since 2004 he has been dealing with aesthetic medicine, quantum physics and "medicine conforming to Life". These studies have guided her in achieving the goal of wanting to create products in which to reconcile an innovative formula and the energy power of informed water.

What is BeQuantic

We are a company that puts sustainability at the center of the whole process: from product formulation to packaging, every detail has been designed to respect nature. The intention is to spread a culture aimed at respecting life and the environment.

The imprint of nature

The idea comes from the ability of water itself, in its liquid form, to preserve a trace of everything it comes into contact with. That’s why it’s the most powerful vehicle of information we have. Such a simple element as water is the key to bringing benefit to our body.

An accurate and conscious research of natural ingredients

  • Over 92% of the ingredients are of natural origin;
  • The main functional assets derive from organic farming and certified crops: extracts, essential oils and natural butters;
  • All formulas are dermatologically tested;
  • The entire material supply chain is certified VEGAN OK.