The choice of packaging that reflected our philosophy was a natural consequence. We opted for amber glass for jars, PET for bottles and paper with alimnetal residues for cases.

100% recyclable jars and bottles

For the jars of our creams we chose glass, a material that can be recycled endlessly, without loss of material or quality: this also allows a considerable saving of energy for extraction, transfusion and fusion. The bottles, instead, are made of PET, 100% recyclable material. Not losing its fundamental properties during the recovery process, it can be transformed repeatedly for the realization of new products. The amber color also protects the essential oils and natural ingredients of our creams from possible deterioration brought by UV rays, prolonging the life and facilitating storage.

Use of FSC paper

The paper of cartons and labels is FSC certified, acronym for Forest Stewardship Council. The aim of this world organisation is to ensure that forests and industrial plantations are used in a manner that is environmentally friendly, socially useful and economically sustainable. In particular, it requires a environmentally friendly forest management, biodiversity and ecological processes; a socially useful management enabling local people and society in general to enjoy the long-term benefits; a economically sustainable management which aims to ensure that forest operations are structured and managed in a way that is sufficiently profitable but not at the expense of the forest resources, ecosystem and communities concerned.