Sustainability for us is an essential concept to live in harmony with the universe. Preserving the environment is a duty of all and can be done by everyone with small daily gestures. That is why we have made important decisions to deliver the healthiest environment for future generations.

The circular economy of cartons

The choice of a paper that reused waste from industrial food processing was one of the first points of the BeQuantic project. Thanks to a circular process, the waste from coffee production is integrated into the production cycle of this ecological paper. What used to be waste to be landfilled is transformed into a renewable and natural resource that can replace up to 15% of the cellulose coming from trees, saving further natural resources and up to 20% of greenhouse gas emissions.

Certification Vegan Ok

A world in equilibrium in its different parts is a healthy world: a world without exploitation, but with a conscious use of resources. We are convinced that we can make a contribution to have a positive impact on society and the biosphere so our products are certified Vegan Ok. This means that they comply with WVG (European Vegan Standar); that they have no animal ingredients in the product, nor in the packaging; that they have not been tested on animials and that they are compatible with the vegan philosophy.

Organic ingredients

The use of organic ingredients in our formulas is part of a conscious management of resources. The basis of organic cultivation is the use of natural substances, present in nature, excluding the use of chemical synthesis substances and aggressive cultivation techniques. This choice allows a greater attention to the environment, respecting soil and ecosystems, and guarantees high quality products rich in nutrients.