The method of informatization

The method chosen for informatization is M.R.T. (Matrix Regeneration Therapy), a tool of life-conform medicine (MCV), used for several years for therapeutic purposes by Dr.ssa Roberta Barbaro.

Solid and proven scientific basis

MRT (Matrix Regeneration Therapy) is a highly technological device conceived and designed by Dr. Bodo Koelher. It is characterized by the presence of different components that work synergistically for the rebalancing and restoration of health using different energies, including scalar waves. Scalar waves are waves that arise from the vacuum, a vacuum without mass but with charge and flooded by ions, representing an energy field devoid of direction and direction. They have the ability to generate a resonance between the elements that enter into relationship, the stone and the water.

The energy of crystals and precious stones

To inform the water we used crystals and precious stones, because they are known from time immemorial and in different cultures the therapeutic properties and their action on an emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual level. Each stone has its own energy power, to each cream we have associated the stone with characteristics and functions more similar to it.


Mandalas are symbolic diagrams in which circles and squares represent the universe, the origin of the cosmos, the connections between cosmic forces and gods. Their use on packaging comes from their meaning as symbols of the beauty of the Universe.