I’m Roberta Barbaro, since I was a child I have dreamt to be a doctor and in 2000 I realized my dream, getting my graduation in Medicine and Surgery at the Cattolica University of Rome.

My curiosity, the desire to learn and the need for a more complete vision pushed me to study holistic approaches to the person: Homeopathy at the SIMOH of Rome, Acupuncture at the Fatebenefratelli Foundation of Rome and the Matteo Ricci school in Bologna, Quantum Medicine and Life Compliance Medicine at the International Academy of the “Medicina Conforme alla Vita of the dr. Bodo Köhler.

Since 2004 I have been working in Aesthetic medicine and, to answer my patients’ requests about the best cosmetic products to use, I started to study Cosmetology, until arrive to a formulation of mine respecting the union of “quality – naturalness”. The quantum physics studies led me to find an added value which allows me to reconcile the “material” quality of the creams with the energy wellness of the person, to arrive to the use of water memory.


Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Elena Bergamaschi, born and grown in the beautiful and inspiring Bologna.
After high school graduation, I immediately entered the world of work, beginning in the family company which at that time produced, distributed and developed cosmetic products at a national and international level.
After many years of working experience, I earned a Master Degree in Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Bologna in order to refine my business strategic and management abilities, and I finished my course in PNL and “life coaching” at Anthony Robbins’ American school, always stimulated by a strong desire to learn and grow.
Then I gained experiences as businesswoman until the transfer of the family company and then as manager in the Head Department of a cosmetic group in Bologna, which has as main purpose the realization of natural and eco-sustainable products.

Driven by a passion for the cosmetic “world”, I have been involved, for over 30 years, of research, production criteria, development and marketing of cosmetics, being inspired by the “green chemistry” in an innovative and eco-sustainable vision also in the area of packaging and supply chain.
I am deeply convinced that “natural, biological and eco-sustainable” are now essential qualities for the creation of products which contribute to the physical wellness of the person.

After concluded different studies and experimented different energy practices (mainly thanks to the course with Pjotr Elkunoviz and the one with Eric Pearl), I understood how those qualities, together with visible and invisible elements, can create coherence assumptions which powerfully contribute to the wellness of the person.
This is how the idea to join knowledge and awareness of a new holistic vision to be applied to products for wellness at every level, included the energetic/spiritual one, was born.

MISSION of BeQuantic

Our meeting, happened some years ago during a path of personal growth (both students at the Metagenealogy school with Cristobal Jodorowsky) was the spark which allowed to join our two different, but with the same vision, experiences and to create BeQuantic.

We think that it is a unique and ambitious project, in which we both profoundly believe, whose main purpose is that of contribute to the wellness of people in a wider sense, not only through Ethical and Sustainable values, but by offering products which “reweaken the awareness” thanks to the frequencies transferred from the water memory used for the production.

…We want to “talk” about wellness and not only about products…and make it with passion!

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”

(Nikola Tesla 1856-1943)


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