Water is a molecule which regulates all the functions of the organism and it has memory and coherence.” 

(Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize for medicine in 2008).

Water Memory

Water Memory

When we talk about water memory we refer to this as element with memory thanks to quantum physics principles which see it as a receptor able to receive wave frequencies and to memorize them, and then it acts as a transmitter, by transmitting the memorized wave frequencies, transporting in this way an information which has stimulation biological effects on the cell metabolic activity, through also by simple skin contact.
Water is the basic element of life, it is present in every cell and each cell uses it in its own metabolism.
Our body is composed of about 60-70% of water, percentage that varies depending on the physical conditions and by the age. So, without water there is no life, but at the same time also the quality of water we are made of influences our existence quality.
Water molecules are made of hydrogen and oxygen atoms, which have the properties to retain memory and information: thanks to their particularity to join “weak” hydrogen bridges, they embody similar molecules (hydrophilic) and “transport” weak electromagnetic fields registered by materials they come into contact with: so, water acts as a receptor, it is able to receive wave frequencies and to memorize them. Then the water itself acts as transmitter, by transmitting the memorized wave frequencies and transporting in this way an information which has stimulation biological effects on the cell metabolic activity, through also by simple skin contact. Water can transmit in every cell of the organism all the information it can carry.
At the beginning of this century “the era of memory of water” was born, called also water memory (the ability of the water itself in its liquid status to maintain an ”imprint” of all it came into contact with) which had, among its medical proponents, Luc Montaigner, Nobel Prize in 2008.
New studies have demonstrated that water molecules have the property to organize themselves in cluster or polymers depending on the electromagnetic fields they are submitted. These stereo-chemical configurations the water assumes, make that it becomes a transporter of information which influence the activity of the living tissue cells. The professor Vittorio Elia of the University of Naples, the professor Emilio Del Giudice of Milan, the professor Claudio Cardella of Rome, have studied for years those particular water properties.
Also human conscience can have an effect on the molecular structure of the water: words, music, environment, prayers, thoughts, they have a real physical effect on water, modifying its own structure, as amply demonstrated by the experiments made on water memory by Masaru Emoto, Japanese researcher, that objectively and visibly demonstrate the different effects that frequencies have on water.
For example, the word “Love” in all the world languages determines a harmonic aggregation of water creating a spectacular crystal; this does not happen with the world “hate”.
This is the reason for which it is mandatory to use “elements”, words, thoughts that release a “beneficial” frequency (high frequency) which can influence the vibration frequency of the person.
In fact, according to the Grigori Grabovoi’s studies,each living system and each object that surrounds us has an information or a vibration which distinguishes it and that can be decodified and transformed into a numeric sequence. If transcribed, this last one transmits the information and strengths also its aim.
Also the sequence of coherence (2145432) reported on the label of Be Quantic products acts as “information” that is transmitted to the cream and has the purpose of align the three bodies (physical, emotional, mental).
These principles and the theoretical foundations which led us to produce water memory used in our creams, through ’M.R.T, (Matrix Regeneration Therapy),an equipment designed and refined by Dr. Bodo Köhler (Germany), which allows to transmit assigned frequencies to the water. More specifically, crystals and precious stones have been used, by exploiting their properties and action at emotional, psychological and energy level, obtaining in this way water enriched with electromagnetic information that, thanks to their application on the skin, are transmitted to the person and to his energy field.
In this regard, it is interesting to remember a text of Santa Ildegarda from Bingen (De Lapidarum XII century a.C.) who wrote about theology, philosophy, morals, hagiography, science, medicine, cosmology, where she suggests, as a therapeutic method, to use water in which a mineral had been immersed, and to use it – depending on the cases – by tamponing it on the skin or by assuming it in small drops.





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