The cosmetic products have an aesthetic and eutrophic function (namely of “good nourishment”) regarding the skin, for this reason we carefully studied the composition of our FORMULAS:

  • more than 92% of ingredients of natural origin;
  • extracts, essential oils and natural and biological butters: the main functional active principles derive from biological agriculture, from certified crops;
  • all the formulas are dermatologically tested;
  • 100% Made in Italy;
  • all products are VEGAN OK certified: it is the warranty that each product does not contain any component of animal origin and so for its availability it has not caused exploitation and killing of it. The aim is that of spread a culture of respect for life and for environment;
  • use of water memory in the formulas composition.

In addition, we have considered the existence of obstacles for the penetration of substances into the skin, giving remedy to the problem. The most difficult obstacle to overcome is constituted by the stratum corneum, keratinized cells that act as a barrier difficult to overcome by external agents.

To better understand what we are talking about, we consider it is necessary to make a brief introduction about the anatomical and physiological characteristics of the skin.

The skin is the largest organ of human body. Its surface is between 1.5-2 m2. Its thickness can vary from 0.5 mm on the eyelids to 3-6 mm in the palmoplantar areas.

From the most superficial to the deepest layer, the skin is made of:

  • an epithelium: the epidermis;
  • a connective tissue: derma;
  • a subcutaneous fatty tissue: hypodermis.

The epidermis, in turn, is divided into 5 layers, from the most superficial to the deepest layer we find: corneum, lucidum, granulosum, spinosum, basale stratum.

In order to maintain the physiological properties of the skin barrier, it is essential that the corneum stratum keeps a correct and constant hydration. The corneum stratum is made up of two components: the cellular one, the corneocytes, and the extra-cellular one, rich of lipids which fill the existing spaces between the cells.

The corneocytes are anucleate cells, poor of water: in the corneum stratum water represents only the 15% of the cell weight, while in the below epidermis this percentage reaches the 70%. Even if it is low, the water content of the corneocytes, we repeat it, must remain constant in order to keep the cellular flexibility, as well as the enzymatic activity. The water content of the corneocytes is influenced by moisture and by environmental temperatures. The very low water and in general water-soluble substances-permeability of the corneum stratum is linked to the extracellular intercorneum matrix made up of lipids (they come from lamellar bodies of Odland or keratinosomes, organelles present in the granulosum stratum of the epidermis) organized into dual-layer lamellae (ceramides, cholesterol, long-chain fatty acids), whose main task is to prevent the loss of water from corneocytes, besides the cohesion function for the corneum stratum and the regulation of the percutaneous absorption process.

The permeation through the different skin layers follows three modalities: penetration between the cells (transcellular); penetration through the cells (intercellular) and penetration through the hair follicles, the sweat or sebaceous glands, the pilosebaceous way. The lipidic substances or suspended in lipids are absorbed more rapidly and mainly through the pilosebaceous way. The transcellular or transepidermic way is followed by not-lipidic substances.

The sebaceous glands and the hair bulb are the most important penetration way given the ostium dimensions, the substances penetrate and reach the gland and some of them continue towards the tissues. The only way to make this happen, is that the substance is fat-soluble, namely similar to the substances produced by the gland.

On the basis of the above, it is simple to realize the behaviour of the different substances:

  • water: it does not penetrate, but it “wets” the corneum stratum for a limited period of time;
  • silicones, vaseline, paraffin: the form a waterproof layer on the skin, they do not wet it and they do not penetrate;
  • amino-acids and water-soluble vitamins: they penetrate in a small amount both through the glands and through the epidermis, while the remaining part remains on the surface with a hydrating and protective function;
  • vegetable oils and fat­soluble vitamins: the oils penetrate depending on their content of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins penetrate easier if conveyed by oils;
  • surfactants: they penetrate depending on their chemical structure and on the carrier, they serve to weaken the skin barrier by favouring the passing of other substances;
  • solvents: they penetrate in a different way depending on the chemical composition, but some of them can go deeper;
  • essential oils: they easily penetrate and they function as carrier by favouring the penetration of certain other substances;
  • moisturising and humectants: they wet the corneum stratum and so they have a surface smooth hydrating action.

For all these reasons we decided to chose as main ingredient, namely the most abundant, the Shea Butter, which is mainly composed of a rich mixture of fat acids, as:
Oleic acid (39-68%); Stearic acid (22-50%); Linoleic acid (4-8%); Palmitic acid (3-12%); Arachidic acid (0-3,5%); Alpha-linolenic acid (0-1,6%); Lauric acid (0-1,5%).
Other fat acids of the shea butter are the myristic acid, the vaccenic acid, the behenic acid, the lignoceric acid and the gadoleic acid.
Among the components of the shea butter we find also liposoluble vitamins with antioxidant action, the A, the E, also them – for the same reasons- that can penetrate the deepest layers.

The water percentage is significantly reduced and it is sterile water memory according to the quantum physics principles which acts as a receptor, being able to receive wave frequencies and to memorize them (memory) and then the same water acts as transmitter, by transmitting the memorized wave frequencies (information) and transporting in this way an information which has stimulation biological effects on the cell metabolic activity, through also by simple skin contact.

We used precious stones (of which are known since immemorial time in different cultures the therapeutic properties and their action at emotional and psychological level), obtaining waters with electromagnetic information or of field owned by the used substances, through the electromagnetic field issued for their atomic-crystalline structure. The purpose is that to exploit the cream application to take advantage of all information contained.


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