Choosing the BeQuantic’s face treatments it’s mean choosing products with high quality, that are thinking to any kind of skin and need. 100% Made in Italy and VEGAN OK certified, all products nourish the skin deeply, thanks to the composition of our formulas. There’re more than 92% of ingredients of natural origin, essential oils, natural and biological butter, and water memory.

The water memory is a receptor able to receive wave frequencies and to memorize them, and then it acts as a transmitter, by transmitting the memorized wave frequencies, transporting in this way information which has stimulation biological effects on the cell metabolic activity, though also by simple skin contact.

Specifically, for BeQuantic’s products, crystals and precious stones have been used by exploiting their properties and action at emotional, psychological and energy level, obtaining in this way water enriched with electromagnetic information that, thanks to their application on the skin, are transmitted to the person and to his energy field.

Our face treatments are therefore perfect for any kind of skin, for day and night skin care routine. You can find bio-regenerating face cream, dermo balancing face cream for sensitive skin, derma-nourishing night face cream, hydro-enlightening face cream, protective lightening face cream.
All the formulas are dermatologically tested.

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