The daily cleansing is essential to have a skin without imperfections, bright and ready for any subsequent treatments. For this reason, BeQuantic proposes bio and natural face cleansing treatments for any kind of skin.

All products nourish the skin deeply, thanks to the composition of our formulas with more than 92% of ingredients of natural origin, essential oils, natural and biological butter, and water memory based with crystals and precious stones.

The Fluid Cleanser with water memory based with rose quartz, it makes a gentle cleansing by eliminating impurities in full compliance with the hydrolipidic physiological coat of the skin. Whereas the invigorating Tonic with water memory based with ruby, it completes the skin cleansing, it re-balances the skin pH allowing deeper penetration of the active principles of the subsequent treatments.

All the formulas are dermatologically tested.

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