The acronym FSC refers to the organization Forest Stewardship Council with headquarters in Bonn, Germany. This organization has as purpose the forest and industrial plantations certification.

The FSC was created in 1993 in Mexico, where it had its own headquarters until when it was transferred to Germany. Its purpose is to ensure the origin of the wood as fruit of a “responsible and sustainable forestry use” by promoting all over the world an environmental respectful, socially useful and economically sustainable management of the forests. The results of 17 years of activity of FSC are: 70 millions of hectares of forest and 50 millions of hectares of industrial plantations of trees bearing the brand across the world, that is equivalent to the 3% of the overall area of the forest.

More specifically, its “regulation” requires:

  • an environmental respectful forestry management which must ensure that the collection of timber and not-timber products keeps the biodiversity, the productivity and the ecological processes;
  • a socially useful forestry management which wants to help both the local population and society as a whole in such a way it can enjoy long term benefits;
  • an economically sustainable forestry management whose aim is that the forestry operations are structured and managed in such a way to be sufficiently profitable, but without generate profit to the detriment of the forestry resources, of the ecosystem or the interested communities.

The paper used for the cartons for our cosmetics is realized with sub-products from organic productions which replace up to 15% of the cellulose from the tree. More specifically, the coffee residues are the natural raw materials that, saved from the landfill, are used to produce this exclusive paper with unusual tactile texture. It is FSC certified, realized with EKOenergy, without OGM and it contains 40% of recycled material post-consumer. Using the coffee residues and EKOenergy, the carbon footprint is reduced of the 20%, so the environmental impact in term of Greenhouse gas is reduced of 20% (datum derived by comparing the used paper with the paper with the same characteristics, without waste and produced with conventional energy). wastes are purified, micronized and mixed with virgin cellulose and recycled fibres post-consumer FSC certified, by using auto produced hydroelectric electricity.

Also our labels are realized with FSC paper.
In a period of growing scarcity of natural reserves of the planet, the use of organic residues alleviates pressure on forest resources.


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